My rates depend on various factors:

  • subject area and use of the text or video
  • preferred deadline (potential surcharges for rush or weekend job)
  • specific formatting, layout, processing
  • volume of the whole project (word count/number of lines or pages)

The calculation may be based on:

  • number of source words in a text document
  • number of runtime minutes in a video
  • number of lines in the target text (standard line with 55 characters)
  • a fixed price (e.g. for very small projects)
  • an hourly rate (proofreading, projects with extensive research)

Information on ordering a translation

In order to send you a non-binding quotation (in € and £), I need to have a look at the video and any reference material (like script and dialogue list), in case of a text document I will need to see the text (or a representative part of it plus concrete information about its actual length).

All information I am provided by you directly or indirectly through the translation projects you assign to me are subject to strict confidentiality.

The communication with you through all stages of the translation process is a key element of my work. It will ensure a high quality result and a smooth workflow. The following aspects will become important once a translation has been commissioned:

  • If available, please provide me with relevant company glossaries, terminology lists, style guides, and other reference material.
  • Who can I contact in case of questions about the source document or order details?
  • Please make sure (if possible) that the source text is of good quality.

⇒ Please be aware that the translation process needs time. Depending on the subject of a document, I can handle a volume of 2.000 to 3.500 words per day. For subtitles, I usually calculate with 15 to 20 runtime minutes per day. I would appreciate if you considered this in your deadline specification.